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Bacon Studio

Bacon Studio is a manufacturer and publisher of video games on mobile phones, established in 2015. At Bacon Studio, we create worlds for everyone. We are dedicated to enriching the lives of our players by developing high-quality games that resonate with all kinds of personalities, bring people together, and allow everyone to learn and grow while having fun.

Enrich players’ lives by creating memorable and meaningful gaming experiences

Our desire is to create positive changes on mobile platforms through our great world-class services.


Car Race 3D – Racing Master


Looking for a racing game that’s easy to play, provides a real driving challenge, cools cars and dangerous rivals, all in fast and furious races that can be run in Car Race 3D – Racing Master of minutes?

🥇 CARS:Choose 18+ different cool cars from the sport, golden-era, super trucks right up to the modern-era stock cars.

🥇 REAL CRASH PHYSICS: Simulated car-damage with sparks and smoke for a more realistic racing experience.

🥇 CUSTOMISE YOUR CAR: Design your car with team colorful, hood decals and racing numbers in the garage or shop.

🥇 UPGRADE YOUR CAR: Engine, tires and chassis increasing your car’s overall performance

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